As Far As They Can Run


Best Short Documentary

DOC NYC 2022

Shortlist: Shorts Direction Award

In rural Pakistan, families with children with intellectual disabilities have few options. Some desperate parents keep their children locked up or even chained. When athletic coaches from Karachi persuade the parents of three teenagers — Ghulam, Sana, Sajawal – to allow the kids to participate in a sports training program as part of a Special Olympics initiative, the families glimpse the hope that living with disability doesn’t have to mean that their children are “useless.” But they and the coaches must confront the question of what sports can—and cannot—change. Over a one-year period, Iranian-American filmmaker Tanaz Eshaghian follows three disabled children and their families as they grapple with shame and prejudice in rural Pakistan to realize new talents and a sense of belonging through sports.

Directed and produced by Tanaz Eshaghian, AS FAR AS THEY CAN RUN is a fascinating look at those who are struggling to find acceptance and worth in a society that had relegated them to the margins. Christoph Jörg also produced, and Ziad Zafar co-produced. The short was executive produced by Sheila Nevins, Mary Davis, Ronak Lakhani, Tim Shriver, Bobby Shriver and Jemima Khan.